Zaster & Zombies

Otmar Wagner
Sat 26. Sep / 20 h / zeitraumexit


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The performance artist and utopiaresearcher Otmar Wagner explores in "Zaster & Zombies" aspects of the alien and of alienation due to the conditions of capitalism. His approach, based on personal questions and thoughts, is neither historic nor theoretical. In a performative trance he explores the rich associations between money, God, religion, the alien, and the international capital market. Money is God and God is money – in the degree that  we have incorporated money in our mind and our emotions as an all-encompassing measure of thinking and doing – similar to the symbolic incorporation of the body of Christ in the form of the host – as much it seems to be intangible, incomprehensible, absent, alien. Almightily it hovers above us, not close, but able to create proximity. The chain of associations is threaded further and further, spanning over refugees and Pegida and ending in total delirium. Infotainment in inclined position!

Idea / concept / performance: Otmar Wagner. (c) Image: Peter Empl (Image of "Systeme Bier und Schnaps", Wunder der Prärie 2011)
A production of POLYMORPH PERFORMANCE in cooperation with zeitraumexit e.V.


OTMAR WAGNER is a performance artist and utopia researcher. Numerous solo projects and collaborations with @work Berlin, toxic dreams, Florian Feigl, Noah Holtwiesche (joint set-up of PAN - Performance Art Network Vienna), norton commander productions Dresden et al. Currently he primarily develops essay performances (a term coined by him for certain forms of performative-actionist discourse) and multimedia concept performances (thereby referring to „territories that have to be sung“). He lives and works in Vienna.

This event is made possible by INTPA - INTERNATIONALES NETZ FÜR TANZ UND PERFORMANCE AUSTRIA of the Tanzquartier Wien funded by the BKA and BMEIA.