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andpartnersincrime is an open, collaborative alliance around the director and dramaturge Eleonora Herder. In repeated, but always changing constellations, Herder collaborates with a number of accomplices in Frankfurt, Barcelona and Warsaw. The regular and most important partner in crime is the dramaturge and city activist Tim Schuster. andpartnersincrime work in the field of the performing arts. You are looking for a contemporary approach to the documentary. The focus is on political and spatial theoretical questions on the topic of globalization and urban development. Each individual piece development is preceded by an intensive research phase. The material generated in it is of a biographical, theoretical or historical nature; a recurring form of material extraction are interviews. Although andpartnersincrime see themselves as theater creators, their work does not only take place in stage rooms, they often work on and for the street or infiltrate institutions that are remote from art with performative settings. HTTPS://ANDPARTNERSINCRIME.ORG/INFO/


Chido Johnson (US)

Detroit artist, originally from Zimbabwe. A recent 2009 Kresge Fellow, as well as a 2009 MacDowell Colony Fellow. Received both his BFA degrees in Sculpture in 1996 and in Painting with a minor Drawing in 1997 from the Univeristy of Notre Dame in 2000. Chido has worked, exhibited and taught both nationally as well as internationally. He currently is the section chair of Sculpture at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. HTTP://CHIDOX.COM/


die apokalyptischen tänzer*innen (DE)

The apocalyptic dancers are committed to taking the apocalypse (Greek ἀποκάλυψις "unveiling", literally "unveiling") literally and exploring it with the means of the performing arts. With their bodies they embark on an aesthetic journey of revelation and make their limbs available for the revealing twitches.  HTTPS://WWW.APOCALYPSE.DANCE/


Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser (DE)

Martin Kaltwasser, born in 1965, studied fine arts and architecture. He works in the fields of installation, object, design, performance, architecture and urban research and above all in public space. He mostly works in a location-related manner and combines research with spatial, object-like, architectural implementations. Many of his projects are participatory and come from urban waste. From 2004 to 2015 collaboration with the artist Folke Köbberling with worldwide art projects and exhibitions. From 2013 work as a solo artist and in changing collaborations, for example 2013-2014 together with the theater group "Showcase Beat Le Mot" construction of the theater building "Ding Dong Dom" in Berlin. Construction of the Los Angeles Garden for the IGA Berlin 2017, subsequently as a permanent extension of the "Gardens of the World". HTTP://WWW.MARTINKALTWASSER.DE/CV.HTML

Folke Köbberling studied Fine Art at the Kassel Art University and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver and did her MA at the Kassel Art University. Awards and others Scholarship from the Stiftung Kunstfonds e.V. (2006), Artist in Residence Wysing ArtCentre Cambridge (2008) & Chinati Foundation Marfa, USA (2010). Exhibitions etc. Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, Te Tuhi - Center for the Arts in Auckland, New Zealand and House of Architecture, Graz. She teaches at the TU Braunschweig. Their humorous approach to dealing with the issues is characteristic. HTTP://WWW.FOLKEKOEBBERLING.DE/


Lajos Talamonti

Lajos Talamonti studied dance and music at the Munich Academy of Music, was then assistant director for three years at the Volksbühne on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and directed the theater at the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin for two years. Today he is a freelance writer, director and performer and has been researching the social, economic and political phenomena of our time with performative means since 1996. His repertoire ranges from urban and location-specific stagings to in-house developments for stage rooms to interactive game settings. His work focuses on questions of participation and (stage) power. Another focus is child and youth work. HTTPS://WWW.STAATSTHEATER.KARLSRUHE.DE/ENSEMBLE/ID/3440/


Screwing Bitches (DE)


Tanja Krone (DE) & Muath Isaied (JO)

Tanja Krone is a director, performer, musician and works in her work with art as a space of opportunity, the aspect of the participation of different protagonists in art, and searches for poetry in the documentary. The performative settings of her earlier works range from founding the world's largest women's rock band to inventing utopian countries in Africa to creating a modern, youthful Salvation Army in Berlin. As the reign of art, she most recently put democracy to the test in the foreign institution in Mannheim, gave the residents of Esslingen unlimited guidance in building up their STADT DER FRAUEN * and has been touring and struggling with European House of Gambling through European pedestrian zones since 2007 about a new economic order. She has had a new mission since 2019: "Talk to real people". HTTP://WWW.TANJAKRONE.DE

Muath Isaied is an active cultural programs manager and a curator working at Al Balad Theater. Muath’s work is mainly known for curating and organizing the "Baladk" Mural Arts Festival, an international street arts and mural festival in Amman, as well as being the program director of Al Balad Music Festival, a regional Arab musical project.