Festival 2013

Dreaming aloud

All people are dreaming, even though we don't always remember it. Some doubting spirits consider dreams as wasted time. We don't. We appeal for dreaming, in the daytime, at night, often and a lot. Our motto for this year is "Dreaming aloud". It's about construction plans, but also fundaments for daydreams and cloud cuckoolands. We create interruptions in the operation of a city, have a look at familiar areas and use them newly. The German Federal Garden Show is up for debate relating to the question of the participation. What about the withdrawal of the US army and the question, if one should save the hot dogs or how we can occupy the city newly? The invited artists will be searching as visitors for a sample of an inhospitality in cities. And they involve all the big themes like Second and First Life, the draft of a new man and all the bold models of the future. Wunder der Prärie invites you to discovery tours. The festival is open, social, political, shows new artistic point of views and is bound outdoors. We are looking forward to all the curious, inquisitive people, all the dreamers and dancers and doupter. See you soon!

Gabriele Oßwald – Wolfgang Sautermeister – Tilo Schwarz