Festival 2017

Wunder der Prärie 2017

SOCIAL BODY BUILDING The tenth edition of the international festival for performance art and networking takes place from September 14th to 24th 2017. For eleven days Wunder der Prärie invites you to train your social fitness with performance works, political debates and exhausting party nights until the German Bundestag elections. Wunder der Prärie – Social Body Building is devoted to the relationship between audience and art work and the performance as a communal endeavour. With performances and contributions by David Weber-Krebs (B), Andreas Liebmann (CH/DK), Anna Mendelssohn (A), Ant Hampton (UK), Tanja Krone (D), Julian Hetzel (NL), Raul Zelik (D), Sibylle Peters (D), Leonidas Martin (E) and many more. At the conference „Art, Politics and the Institution – A European Summit“ cultural workers from Barcelona, Belgrade, Budapest, Athens, Antwerp und Zagreb come together to discuss the role of cultural institutions in today’s political landscape. A “Convent” invites all audience members and neighbors to formulate the new rules of the game at zeitraumexit. The finale of the festival is also the founding ceremony of a new kind of cultural institution: The cultural center as commons. Under the title “Artfremde Einrichtung” we open the institution up to anyone who needs some space and the public will decide who moves in when.

A Festival by zeitraumexit. Curated by Gabriele Oßwald & Jan-Philipp Possmann.

Wunder der Prärie 2017 from zeitraumexit on Vimeo.