Festival Opening

Thu 19. Sep / 19 h / zeitraumexit
Admission free

Vroooooooooooom! We fire up the engine, hit the gas and usher in the festival. From our trailer bar we serve snacks and drinks that are strictly verboten behind the wheel. Bikers and speed freaks, conductors and shotgun drivers, SUVs and supes, greens and those with black rally stripes shake hands under the Wunderbaum while the patron of the festival delivers his welcoming address. The festival starts with an opening lecture, the sculpture Crushed Cayenne, the workshops Cars into Bicycles & Wire Cars and continues with Forever Apocalyptic in N1.

The opening lecture "On the Road to (no) where? - Do 8,000 years of cultural history fit in a car?" holds Amin Farzanefar, film critic and journalist from Cologne: in 1909 the "Anglo Persian Oil Company" in southern Iran came across oil. The rest is history - the history of almost every resource-rich country: extraction, repression, possibly revolution. Festival director Amin Farzanefar looks through the historical rear window and asks a few film clips: What is the relationship between automobility and autonomy, everyday life and culture? In the country with the fourth largest oil and second largest natural gas reserves in the world...

Lecture with english translation.