Table-Talks - Active Alienation at the Table

topic: "Strange Within"
Moderation: Bernd Mand
Open Discussion
Mon 21. Sep / 18 h / zeitraumexit
Admission free

What makes us fear the unknown, what does actually make someone a stranger and what about those moments when we become strangers to ourselves? A search for the unknown in our own life.

Guest: F.Wiesel (Zakopane)


On the meadow, in the backyard or simply on the pavement – the format is already quite far from the classical audience discussion when we dispute, tinker and fabulate. While dining together in different places across the city, the table talks track the alien in our everyday life. We question habits and familiarities from traditional customs to pets. We search the unknown in ourselves, the alien in paradise and the possible impossibilities of overcoming alienation.
What is strange to us, what is not, and why? When do we have to question the unknown, and when would it be better for us to question what we think we know? Together with visitors, artists and makers of the festival, we set the table for a temporary research lab and dive right into the subject matter without a blue-print.
A daily changing discussion adventure.

The discussions will be in German! If there should be bad weather we provide a "weather-safe-alternative".


BERND MAND (b. 1978) studied European Art History and History in Heidelberg. He lives and works as a freelance journalist and author in Mannheim. Since 2010 he also works as a jury member in the resort of festival and project-promotion for the German Youth-Theatre Prize of Baden-Württemberg and the Regional Association of Free Theaters in Baden-Württemberg. Furthermore he functions as guest critic (for example at the Theatre-Days of Baden-Württemberg in Freiburg 2009, „Schöne Aussicht“ - International Children and Youth Theatre-Festival in Stuttgart 2010) as well as curator (“Augenblick Mal!” - Theatre-Festival for a Young Audience, organized by the children and youth theater-centre of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2013 and 2015).