strange tales, short movies

Wed 23. Sep / 22:30Thu 24. Sep / 06:00 h
Admission free

The Third World War, a radioactively polluted Paris, a new, barren habitat – the old one entirely extinguished. A journey to foreign planets, strange worlds, alien life – far from any scientific knowledge or research. Black-and-white shots, almost extinguished by time. How close is the supposedly unfamiliar to us, and how strange can closeness become? Where is reality in our phantasies, and how close are utopia and dystopia? Who are we, and how alien are the depths of our souls?  In our journey to the strange tales of international short and long films, we enter into a cinéma surprise marathon in the night from the 23th to the 24th September. Hopping on or off is always possible – who stays on board until dawn may be looking forward to coffee and croissants.


Movies in in original versions with German or English subtitles.