Alle Menschen sind vor dem Gesetz ungleich

All People are unequal before the law
Monika Mokre / Mohammed Numan
Sat 19. Sep / 16 h / zeitraumexit
Admission free

All are equal before the law – wishful thinking rather than reality. Democracy concedes equal freedom to its citizens. – Non-citizens have human rights, but no political rights; they cannot enforce the few rights they have. Citizens belong to us – because of sharing the same nationality, cultural values or political will, as for example European integration. Non-citizens are the others, the strangers. The cost of foreignness in the EU is high; for many it costs their life. Are we able to save the idea of equal freedom?

MONIKA MOKRE is a political scientist at the Institute of Cultural Studies and Theatre History at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and a political activist for asylum and right of residence.
MOHAMMED NUMAN is born in Pakistan, but grew up in Oman as the son of migrant laborers. Since the age of 12, Numan lives apart from his family. He arrived in Austria by foot, regional busses and trucks. In the refugee camp Trailskirchen, he has become the organizer of refugee protests. Today, he is an important part of the refugee-movement Vienna.

Talk and Discussion will be in German!