Fernando Belfiore
Dance/ Performance
Fri 18. Sep / 23 h / zeitraumexit

Admission free
No ticket reservation: 'first come, first served'.

"Al is a physicALcosm1cm3tasculpturALpopmysticsciFichoreo3xp3rienc3.“

Belfiore bombards the audience with a mixture of brutal techno music and shaman songs, with alchemist rites, lightsaber and aluminium foil while simultaneously drawing the spectator into his universe, located somewhere in between a vision of the future and trash, science fiction and pop. On his journey into poetic, fictional worlds, he shifts spaces of understanding and explores the possibilities of bodily transformation: under which circumstances do we create physical experience and how do we translate it into emotions? To what extent are we subjected to the rites and codes of society, and what can be created if we abandon them to experience our environment anew?

Choreography / performance: Fernando Belfiore. Dramaturgy: Katarina Bakatsaki, Suzy Blok, Bruno Listopad. Sound: Steve Martin Snider. Light design: Tomas Vondracek. Stage: Nikola Knezevic. Costumes: Jivika Biervliet. Assistence: Suzy Blok. Production: Sanne Wichman. Producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam. Image: Jamain Brigitha.
In Cooperation with ICK Amsterdam, Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung Frankfurt, Work Space Brussels and Fabrica de Movimientos Porto.


Brazilian-born FERNANDO BELFIORE works as choreographer and performer. Since 2011, Belfiore takes part in the artist- in- residence-programme of Dansmakers Amsterdam. With a mixture of pop and elements of mass culture, his works explore the possibilities of controlling (physical) perception and the decisions of the audience.

Attention: We recommend pregnant women and people sufferig from epilepsy NOT to visit the show because of the light-effects!