Humming at Home - Omnispace (Badung)

As a result of lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, domestic life has come into focus. With “Humming at Home”, the artist-collective Omnispace directs their gaze towards everyday life - the recurring household chores and the moods that come with the associated monotony. In a participatory and playful way, the incidental and otherwise neglected humming while washing up, showering, or tidying up is brought into focus.

By means of an open call, over 80 everyday humming noises and the resulting everyday situations were collected. This growing archive served local musicians as material and inspiration for new compositions. Five music-videos were created in collaboration with filmmakers and illustrators. The humming archive as well as all music and artworks are made accessible through a website. With “Humming at Home”, Omnispace created a multi-level participatory project that mediates the notions of isolation and community at the same time. Not only does it point out the aesthetics that lay in the imperfect and incidental, but also its quality as a tool for stress release. It asks the participants in this difficult situation “How are you doing?” – which itself can be seen as an act of care. H.A.H. enables an acoustic glimpse through the keyhole of private households in lockdown and onto the diverse music scene in Badung.

Concept and website: Omnispace. Music: Terapi Urine, Bottlesmoker, Yudhaswara & Dissa Kamajaya, Tetangga Pak Gesang & Kuntari, Pemandangan & Ferry Nurhayat. Music-videos: Antirender, Muhamad Akbar, Dilla & Dally, Ari Rusyadi, Adythia Utama. Illustrations: Feransis, Qori Hafiz, Rega Ayundya Putri, Dian Suci Rahmawati. With thanks to over 80 participants, who handed in their humming and thoughts.

The project will be shown in Badung in cooperation with Omnium in the form of an exhibition and concerts in the Omnispace project space as part of the event series “Getok Tular”.