Bureau Baubotanik / Festivalzentrum

Bureau Baubotanik Festival head quarters No matter whether it is in the countryside or in the city, our living space is a shared place per se; millions of living forms and concepts coexist and interfere in the city. Just like in a huge living community plants, humans and animals have arguments on who has emptied the fridge or who will have to take out the trash. Science has a name for this: cohabtitation. We prefer to call it The world as living community. Stuttgart-based office Bureau Baubotanik has committed to the task to make our shared living a friendlier and more sustainable experience .Their research focuses on new forms of coexistence between humans and plants, architecture and uncontrolled growth.

Bureau Baubotanik has worked on our courtyard grounds in order to create a stage for the plant world we live with at the Alte Kaufmannmühle. 

Photo: Bureau Baubotanik