Wolfgang Sautermeister, Ricarda Walter, Stadtraumservice Mannheim

Sa., 02. Okt / 16 Uhr / Start: zeitraumexit
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Humans have been storing waste in designated and less designated areas for generations and thus shape environments non-stop. How do we yet deal and come to terms with all the “residues“ we produce? A marginal phenomenon by nature the residual belongs to the periphery, to the offside, to the unknown. Much of Mannheim’s waste residues can be found at the landfill site of the Friesenheimer Insel making up the highest point of the city. However, what exactly extends and can be found beyond these blurry boundaries of permanent de- and recomposition? Where may slide the poetry in?

Wolfgang Sautermeister and Ricarda Walter have joined forces with employees from the city waste management and residents of Mannheim to run an experiment. They went to see the place where all the unloading happens and got to open up their senses to the geographical site and the old landfill’s highest grounds. The ongoing experiment may be the starting point for a shift of perspective on what a city is actually made of. Let’s take a bus to the Friesenheimer Insel and take a tour through the world of towering slag heaps, dump and some undefined waste mountains.

Mit: Alessandro Ascanio, Sevda Aycicek, Mehmet Bayrakci, Michael Black, David Ehrbar, Waltraud Ippich, Oliver Knapp, Alexandra Kriegel, Stefan Rauch, Tina Stottko, Brigitte und Sören Tjarks u.v.a. Künstlerische Leitung: Wolfgang Sautermeister. Dramaturgie/Produktionsleitung: Ricarda Walter. Praktische Unterstützung: Hans-Georg Hering, Vitali Schlothauer, Michael Wäsch.

Eine Produktion von zeitraumexit in Kooperation mit Stadtraumservice Mannheim Bereich Abfallwirtschaft unter tatkräftiger Unterstützung der ABG Abfallbeseitigungsgesellschaft mbH Mannheim.

Ein großer Dank gilt Doris Uhlich und Boris Kopeinig für künstlerische Impulse und Austausch.

Photo: © Ricarda Walter