Artfremde Einrichtung - Der Konvent

Convent / dt., engl. translation on demand
Thu 14. Sep / 1921 h / zeitraumexit
Admission free
Fri 15. Sep / 1721 h / zeitraumexit
Admission free
Sat 16. Sep / 1721 h / zeitraumexit
Admission free
Sun 17. Sep / 1721 h / zeitraumexit
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Wed 20. Sep / 1721 h / zeitraumexit
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Thu 21. Sep / 1721 h / zeitraumexit
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Fri 22. Sep / 1721 h / zeitraumexit
Admission free
Sat 23. Sep / 20 h / zeitraumexit

Announcement of the rules

Admission free

The convent marks the starting point of an institutional experiment to take place in the coming half year: For this period zeitraumexit will offer its spaces and infrastructure to anybody for one month. Art or commerce, politics or social cause - not the institution but the public will decide what's on the program. "Artfremde Einrichtung" - The cultural institution as commons – but the rules need to be written first. Everybody is invited to join the convent and participate in the debate, supported by a board of political scientists and influenced by artist Tanja Krone to set the rules for waht is played at zeitraumexit from autuumn 2017 on.  On the last day of the festival the rules will be announced and the new temporary institution inaugurated.

Each day the convent will be opened with a tea ceremony and a short introductionary lecture:

14.9.: artistic director J.P. Possmann presents the project
15.9.: politologist Sybille De La Rosa talks about public interest
16.9.: contemporary historian Philipp Gassert compares forms of democracies
17.9.: sciologist Thomas Wagner talks about the principle of consensus
20.9.: muncipal officer for equal opportunities Zahra Deilami talks about participation
21.9.: politologist Raul Zelik talks about commons
22.9.: sum-up and phrasing

Acess to the convent at any time.

With: Tanja Krone (performer and director), Zahra Deilami (sciologist and muncipal officer for equal opportunities), Sybille De La Rosa (politologist Heidelberg University), Philipp Gassert ( contemporary historian Mannheim University),  Thomas Wagner (sciologist and author) and Raul Zelik (politologist and author).

A project by zeitraumexit