Art, Politics and the Institution - A European Summit

Conference, engl.
Sat 16. Sep / 1117 h / Laboratorio17, Jungbuschstr. 17
Admission free

Many current political movements develop and grow in the context of cultural institutions. They sometimes serve as places of gathering or protection or as catalysts. What is the relationship between cultural institutions and politics in the current political landscape? Can we learn from each other’s experiences despite economic and institutional differences? Cultural institutions from six countries have been invited by artist Andreas Liebmann to discuss their political place and the freedom of art in today's Europe.


10.00-11.00 Summit Base Camp
Coffee, Croissants and incidental talks

11.00 -12.00 Summit Echo 1
"Who are we? Seeking the demos in the city"
Lecture and dicussion with Richard Stanton

12.30- 13.30 Summit Echo 2
“The magic of informal forces”
Lecture and discussion with Leonidas Martin

13.30-14-30 Summit Base Camp
Lunch, break and incidental talks

14.30 - 15.30 Summit Talk 1
“Institutions on move - building stability”
Talk with Anticteatro Barcelona, MamaZagreb & Nomad Dance Academy (Belgrad/Skopje). Moderation: Matthias Rauch

16.00 - 17.00 Summit Talk 2
“Attacking art - the fights of artists and institutions with and within politics”
Talk with Vyrsodepseio (Athen), Müszi/Aurora (Budapest), recto verso (Antwerpen), zeitraumexit (Mannheim). Moderation: Anna Kravets


Direction: Andreas Liebmann. Curators: Andreas Liebmann, Gabriele Osswald, Jan-Philipp Possmann. Production management: Luisa Vladimirov. With: oδc ensemble / Vyrsodepseio (Athen), Nomad Dance Academy (Belgrad), Müszi (Budapest), Klub Mama / Multimedijalni Institut (Zagreb), Hard boven hart (Antwerpen) as well as Leonidas Martin (E), Richard Stanton (GB) and others.

With the friendly assistance of Goethe Institute Belgrad and the National School of Performing Arts Copenhagen.